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A Small Elf Will Ask You Three Questions To RuneScape

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Gives you 5 additional recovered energy over time! Gives you 14 extra recovered energy over sleep time! Dramen pillow-Collect 15 Dramen leaves and use them with a pillow case (purchased from any general store), and use a needle and thread to complete it off! Gives you 27 additional recovered energy over time! Dream/Fairy pillow-Collect 15 Fairy Wings and utilize them with a pillow case (purchased from any general store), and use a needle and thread to finish it off! Gives you 35 extra recovered energy over sleep time!

To begin this event, head to Draynor village at Neds home. There you'll see old fashioned jolly Santa crying as swimming of tears (Seriously, there will be a pool of tears. You have to jump to get to Ned.) . Talk to Santa to get a conversation starting the event!

With either option, head off to Falador to get your event done! In your way to Falador, you will receive abducted in the gates the second you input (If you teleport, you may teleport here instead). A small Elf will ask you three questions to see whether they should allow you to go or not. The true test is to get the questions wrong, or they'll keep you and you are going to need to test over again. Or"What exploration does Sir Amik Varze first send individuals " .

These questions are easy, so it'll be tough to find em wrong!And She Will Respond Saying Its a Secret That Should I Gave To You'd Rupture My Enterprise. So You Must SomeHow Get Knowledge Of How She Did This SomeHow Else. So You Try And Make The Dyes Using Her Couldron And Each Of The Ingredients Used In The Goblin Diplomacy Quest. It Goes To A Cutscene Of Your Couldron Xploding And You With A Book Fly Into Your Face. U browse the book telling you to search the place where coats a hung(wardrobe) and as you search is a mysterious voice requests you the password. You dont know so you... say nothing...

Noy you will need the password once more ask aggie who states that she will give it to you in the event that you get here a new couldron. You want 15 mining to do this part. You ask her how to do that. She informs you of a man from town of varrock who made it for her. (the guy in east varrok anvil) he inquires for 7 iron bars and 3 bronze pubs to create it. Once he's made it decides he likes it wants to maintain it. Then you must give him 1k 2k or 3k to receive it back (accepts 2k). You take it to aggie who tells you that the password wich is password and you obtain entry. When U Enter there are two bad creations lvl 30 who will strike you if u have some wepons or armour equipped. You can not attack them.

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