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Availability ULTIMATE FLORA PROBIOTIC 2B 60 GUMMIES At Happy Herbalist

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Availability ULTIMATE FLORA PROBIOTIC 2B 60 GUMMIES At Happy Herbalist

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Buy ULTIMATE FLORA PROBIOTIC 2B 60 GUMMIES just at $19.99 from Happy Herbalist.

It helps supplement your daily regiment when your away from or out of the real stuff.

Adult dosage is 2 dummies = 2 Billion cultures Bacillus coagulant. B. coagulant is a species of Lactobacillus known to help re-populate the intestines and G.I. Tract. Helps with conditions like vaginal flora, improving abdominal pain and bloating in irritable bowel syndrome and increasing immune response to viral challenges and in rebuilding a devastated intestinal tract after a course of antibiotics or series of vaccinations. Helps re-flora intestines. Take with Live Raw Probiotics, like those listed below, and with Kombucha Tea and Ginger Beer, more so in stressful (mental of physical) conditions for faster recovery.

2 Billion sound like a lot but live Milk Kefir, or Live Caspian Sea Yogurt have that in 1/2 teaspoon and image how many when you drink Kefir or CSY by the glass ! We also recommend a better soda substitute like Japanese Water Crystals - a glassful of healthy lactobacillus probiotics The good thing about these are they are easy to take, are handy, and you can pack them in the lunch box. Taste like Gummy Bears. A treat indeed.

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